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The Usman Institute offers tools for healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually––for real.

The heart of the UI's approach is breath control and critical thinking.

We offer one-on-one and group sessions, coachingcorporate consulting, and retreats. 

Services offered online and in-person.

Breathe right, live free.


Fundamental Program

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Shallow and limited breathing influenced by challenging thoughts leads to poor physical and emotional health. 

Complete and conscious breathing regenerates your body, rewires your brain, calms your thoughts and emotions, and reconnects you to yourself. Learn to breathe.

Breathe better, live better.



Resting is essential to life. We all need sleep. Yet, even with sleep, most people have a tired body, a busy mind, and a hard time relaxing.

Simple, practical relaxation techniques re-energize your body and calm your mind.

Rest, body and mind.

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Life is demanding. When we're not sleeping we spend our time in motion––thinking, planning, responding, or doing.

With the correct meditation technique you achieve conscious immobility, a pause to connect you to your Self.  

Be with yourself.

* Essential sessions of the Fundamental Program. Click here for details

 Fundamentals Continued 







- Classes | 

Online or in-person group sessions offering all you need to teach yourself

Virtual or in-person group session based on your selection. Post-session Q & A. If your organization or group is interested in having a class for 3 or more people, contact us.

- Coaching Sessions

Personalized targeted sessions


The Usman Institute’s philosophy of empowerment does not mean that you are left on your own to "figure it out". This is true coaching. Highly recommended for those who wish to change or improve their lives but don’t know where to start. Start here

- Exclusive Specialized Coaching Sessions 


2 hour one-on-one session per month for nine months (9 sessions)

The Usman Institute’s Coaching is ground-breaking. Highly recommended for those in leadership positions or high-pressure environments which create unique stressors and responsibilities requiring the Usman Institute's multifaceted specialized approach.


​• How do the online live sessions work?

   Live sessions take place via video call directly from your account on 


• How do I register for my first session?

   Contact us (or fill out the form below) with your full name, email, and phone number, and a short message about yourself and intentions. We will get back to you and schedule your session. Afterwards, you will have a member's account and be able to schedule additional sessions, manage your bookings, create a profile, and access member exclusives.

 How long does a session last?

   A session lasts 1 hour.

• How much does an online, one-on-one session cost?

   An online, one-on-one session costs $150. In-person individual and group sessions fees vary. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, let us know in your message.


• What are classes? 

   Classes are group sessions with Q&As at the end. Live or online classes are available for groups/organizations of 3 or more. 

• Why are one-on-one sessions better?

   Individual sessions are adapted to your individual needs based on your knowledge and background. After each session, you receive a personalized plan with specific techniques designed for you.  

• What is the Fundamental Program?

   The Fundamental Program (Fundamentals 1) is made of three basic courses: Breathing, Relaxation, Meditation. You can read a detailed description of each session here.

• What are the Fundamentals 2 sessions?

   Fundamentals 2 is made of seven sessions reserved for members who have completed the Fundamental Program.

• So, together, the Fundamentals consists of 10 sessions?

   Yes! Three sessions from Fundamentals 1, and seven from Fundamentals 2.

• What are Master Classes?

   Master Classes are reserved for members who have completed all the Fundamental sessions and wish to advance further.  

• Who are the sessions for?

   Anyone and everyone. No prior knowledge required. If you can breath, think, and want to learn, you're ready. Everyone benefits from the sessions by acquiring tools to live a better life, everyday.


 • What kind of businesses and organizations can solicit a session, or an event?

   All kind. Small and large businesses, corporations, educational institutions, professional sport teams, non-profit organizations, etc. We organize tailored sessions that can run from 45mins to entire days. Groups working with marginalized populations are encouraged to reach out. You can learn more on our Corporate Consulting page.

• Are retreats available for organizations or groups?

   Yes. We organize retreats for specific organizations and also participate in writers retreats such as this one

• Why is critical thinking important to live better?

   The rational mind is essential to freedom and peace. We are social and cultural animals: dominant narratives shape our desires and capacity to think and act. Freedom requires a disciplined, knowledgeable and inquisitive mind. Our teachings are based in academic research, ancient and modern sciences, and sacred writings.

Our curriculum begins with the person––learning how to breathe, relax, meditate, eat–– then move on to society by learning how to think critically (Intellectual Self-Defense 1 and 2) and detach from the dominant narratives that influence our lives (Detachment).

 • What about faith and religion?

   The sessions, all the way to Mysticism, enrich your faith, whatever it is. The mystic truth is universal; practices, traditions, and languages vary. 

• I have trouble focusing. Can these sessions help me?

   Yes. Being able to control our breathing, to relax, and to meditate are essential to our ability to focus.

• I live a worried life, I feel frustrated, sad, depressed... Can these sessions help me?

   Yes. Learn to relax, energize, be with yourself. For example, negative feelings impact your breathing. We all know instinctively we should breathe to feel better. Crying uncontrollably? Take a deep breath. Panicking? Take a deep breath. Stressing out? Take a deep breath. And so on. But, most people do not know how to breathe properly. Breath control will change your life. Every session provides tools meant to overcome things like anxiety, sadness, jealousy, frustration and other negative emotions, in order to find peace, focus, control, and joy.


• Is it possible to get an in-person energy healing (reiki) session?
   Yes. If you live in the New York area and are interested, please fill contact us.   



Jacqueline G., MA

"The breathing session with Dr. Usman has been a pivotal part of my journey. The thoroughness of Dr. Usman’s teaching was truly impressive, covering not only the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’ behind each technique.

Dr. Usman is very patient. He took the time to observe my progress, carefully building upon the exercises based on my individual needs and growth. His ability to explain complex concepts in an understandable manner was truly beneficial.

Dr. Usman’s emphasis on understanding the ‘why’ behind each technique not only enriched my learning experience, but also provided me with a deeper understanding of the practice.

The foundation laid by Dr. Usman has been instrumental for my independent practice. I now feel equipped with the knowledge and skills to continue learning and growing on my own.

I highly recommend Dr. Usman to anyone looking to improve their breathing techniques. The combination of a patient teacher, thorough lessons, and a focus on individual progress makes this class a valuable resource for anyone on a similar journey."

Junjie G., NY

"My recent Reiki session with Dr. Usman was an experience that transcended the ordinary. As he hovered his hands near my head, I could feel the energy pulsating like waves across my scalp, a sensation that was both unique and profound.

When his hands were placed on my head, a comforting warmth spread across my forehead and crown. This warmth was not just physical; it felt as if it was igniting an inner healing process.

The session quickly ushered me into a state of deep relaxation, akin to sinking into soft sand. This tranquil state was not just a sensory experience; it opened the doors to a realm of vivid imagery.


Throughout the session, I found myself immersed in a series of meaningful images that seemed to speak directly to my subconscious.

Emerging from the session, I felt an overwhelming sense of relaxation.

This Reiki session was more than just a treatment; it was a journey of self-discovery and healing. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to explore the transformative power of energy healing."


You are your best teacher.

Acquire tools to understand what only you can: yourself

One session will give you enough tools to live better and learn how to be with yourself. 


Empower yourself:

Control your energy, thoughts and emotions; release fear, anger, stress; strengthen your will and confidence.

Heal yourself:

Restore your body, mind and Self back to health; detach from negative influences; learn to revitalize yourself.

Experience yourself:

Discover powerful techniques to feel, to connect, and to experience peace.


Don't follow any of them.

Follow your Self.


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