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Complete & Conscious Breathing / The Wave Breath

  • 1 h
  • Online


Fundamentals of Breathing is the core session. Just as our existence began with a breath, you start with re-learning how to breathe correctly and efficiently. We all agree breathing is a must. It is critical you know how to breathe. Regaining control of your breath is the most important step towards regaining control of your body, health, thoughts, and emotions. With this introductory session, you will learn and practice the basics of the Complete Breathing and the Wave Breath. You will obtain simple yet powerful techniques to establish your daily routine to practice Conscious Breathing. After just one session you will have the single most essential tool to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health. You deserve to breathe, not just to "take a breath". Let's make sure you are. This session is essential for all, and rightfully one of the Usman Institute's most popular sessions. If you need oxygen, you need this session. It is highly recommended for athletes, those with breathing challenges, and mouth-breathers.

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