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Breathing for Athletes

Self-Control & Conscious Revitalization through Breathing

  • 1 h
  • Online


Athletes endure a lot of pressures and pain on their muscles and, in particular for professional athletes, high level of tension in their nervous systems. The intense physical activity tires the body, which needs to rest to recuperate. Just as there are techniques to fortify our muscles and sport skills, there are techniques to relax, revitalize, and even heal our body. Conscious breathing lies at the heart of the revitalizing and healing process. When we exercise intensively, we tend to develop the upper part of our respiratory system greatly, and less attention is given to the rest of our breathing apparatus as it is done in the Complete Breathing and the Wave. In this session specifically designed for Athletes, you will: - learn and practice the basics of Complete Breathing - learn and practice the Wave Breath - Learn to revitalize your body in short or long sessions (20 mins-1hr) - Establish an individualized breathing routine The Complete Breath and the Wave Breath transform athletes' lives: they release tensions in their body and mind; they improve their professional lives by expanding their lung capacity and gaining control over their respiratory system as a whole; they recharge their body with energy in a short time; they learn to control their thoughts and emotions; they handle pressure in a stronger, steadier way.

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