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Fundamentals of Meditation 1 (Class)

Essentials of Meditation & Basic Practice 1

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Do you wish to meditate but feel the practice is beyond your skills? Are you simply curious about the most universal and most ancient practice to connect with the world beyond our mind and body? This session is for you. Meditation is available to anyone regardless of background, experience or physical limitations. This is the single most essential practice to infuse your daily life with peace, live on a higher vibration, and directly experience your mystic nature. In this course, you will: - learn the basic meanings and uses of meditation - establish a meditation routine - acquire the basics of meditation by oneself, in silence - use breathing techniques (from Fundamentals to Breathing 1 & 2) to enhance your practice There is a science to meditation and this is the elementary course. This is the best tool to unlock sacred knowledge about yourself and experience your everlasting Self beyond your temporary existence, beyond any established meanings, beyond any authority but yourself and your higher Self, which is, according to mystics who use meditation to connect, part of the All, the One, the Universe, God, Spirit, Allah, Great Spirit, Lord Father, the Created-the Creator-the Creating, and as many names as letters we send. When one meditates, one’s existence and the things within it become clearer. A greater sense of gratitude, peace, wisdom, compassion, solidarity, love manifests itself.

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