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Fundamentals of Relaxation (Class)

How to Consciously Recharge our Vital Energy

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Many people feel tired, overwhelmed, stressed and, on top of that, unable to sleep and properly recharge. Going on vacations makes no difference, when we come back it's the same all over again. For many, it feels like the batteries are perpetually empty, unable to fill back up to a decent level. This session will give you tools to consciously relax and recharge the two things that weigh on you: the body and the mind. Simple, efficient, and powerful if practiced regularly and in times of need, the techniques presented here may very well transform your life––and the lives of those around you. In this session you will acquire tools to: - re-energize your body in 20 mins - consciously relax and release of tensions different parts of your body - keep a mind and complete breathing active while putting your muscle and nervous system to rest If you suffer from anxiety or restlessness, if you find yourself with little sleep and need a tool to re-energize your body on the go, if you need to drop your shoulders, release your jaw and let go of stress, this session is for you. Anytime you need recharging, as long as you have a floor and a relatively quiet space, these tools are all you need to r e l a x y o u r s e l f .

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