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Intellectual Self-Defense

Meaning, Representation, History, Truth, & the Social World

  • 1 h
  • Online


We all think. What does thinking "critically" mean? From the moment we are born, the world is described to us in a very specific way. We produce and reproduce the meanings, behaviors and ideas we’re exposed to. We are constantly exposed to ideas, images, commercials, and social media, all of which shape worldviews that we do not question. These views are increasingly generated by algorithms to make money. Words and concepts carry meanings about what is, what was, who we are, and who we should be. This session is named “Intellectual Self-Defense” because it provides you with tools to defend yourself from the various stories designed to shape your identity and life for you and without your choice. It does require stepping back and questioning what has shaped your identity and the world around you. Ever wondered how history functions in your day-to-day life? Give yourself the opportunity to gain a simple method to interpret an event, thing, or concept defending yourself against dominant narratives and ideologies. This session provides life-changing tools to understand the various determinisms you face. It gives you the freedom to redefine your beliefs, your opinions, and yourself. At least know which are actually your own. This is a must have skill for parents and caregivers as you navigate the world both for yourself and those you are responsible for.

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