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Intellectual Self-Defense 2

Semiology, Critical Thinking & Intuition, Self-Empowerment

  • 1 h
  • Online


This second session of Fundamentals of Intellectual Self-Defense builds upon the first. In this session, you will explore the study of signs (Semiology) to interpret the world around you. Thinking critically is essential to navigate the social world with all its meanings and hidden ideas. It is also crucial to investigate the relationship between your thought and your intuition, that gut feeling. Thoughts and emotions hold a central place in our existence, but there is more to it. Living by thoughts alone, you may find no end in the maze of knowledge. Living by intuition alone, you may feel lost in the mystery of life beyond words. Balance is required. The relationship between critical thinking and your hunch is vital in achieving self-empowerment and peace. You will learn how to use semiology to decode the world and yourself. You will investigate the nature of thought, explore the fundamental link between thinking critically about yourself and following your intuition by using your logical mind to better release your gut feeling. You will understand the difference between the puzzles you solve in the social world, and the mysteries you experience in the real world. After completing both Fundamentals of Intellectual Self-Defense sessions, you will acquire much-needed tools to interpret events, things, ideas, and people. This session set is highly recommended for all, particularly parents and caregivers.

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