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Intermediate Mysticism

I Am Everything

  • 1 h 30 min
  • Online


In this session, Intermediate Mysticism, we will focus on the quest for unity, the path for oneness that all mystics discuss and experience. The common thread in the world of spirituality is people. The common denominator in the world of mysticism is people's experience of the One, whatever name it has been given over the ages: the Universe, God, Supreme Being, the Divine, Divine Consciousness, Great Spirit, Cosmic Spirit, Allah, the Creator, the Primal Source, etc. Mystics seek complete union with the One. They give prominence to experience over faith and dogmas, to personal and direct perception over philosophical and theological debates. The dissolution of their own individuality in that act of surrender to the Everlasting Everything completes a process where your ego is dissolved within the Universe, where your consciousness unites with the Supreme Consciousness. In that act of retiring within to reach out to everything, you become at the same time the observer, the observed, and the process of observation. Mystics of all time have come back from such an experience of what some call the Truth to share it with others. Like Plato's philosopher after coming out of the cave and becoming aware of the sun's existence as the source of light and the pugnacious tenacity of the world of shadows, mystics go back underground to share that experience with the others still in the cave who believe shadows are all there is. It is essential to become fully aware that this experience is available to all of us, at any time. In this session, you will: - learn what is the essence of the mystics quest for union and transcendence - integrate theoretical knowledge and shared experiences by mystics to your own life - seek to live a life guided by the heart with the help of the mind and body to reach to your own Self - learn how to make the mystic faculty your own to discover - learn how to live your life beyond past and future concerns, and merge meditation and the mystic quest to every act of your existence, however trivial, without expecting anything beyond the sacredness of the act itself This is the tenth and final sessions of the Fundamentals Curriculum.

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