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Meditation 2

Essentials of Meditation & Basic Practice 2

  • 1 h
  • Online


This is the second session in the Fundamentals of Meditation set. The Usman Institute's meditation training is unlike any other. This session will give you all you need to know to grow in your connection with yourself, for yourself, by yourself. You will understand the meaning of meditation and gain unique advanced techniques. This session will deepen, anchor, and improve your meditative preference so that you will be able to modify it in the future as you evolve. In this session, you will explore the meaning and essence of meditation, strengthen your practice to bring your attentive mind to new levels, deepen your own practice to be completely self-reliant. You will integrate your meditation with your knowledge of breathing, energy, nutrition, the physical body, the astral body, the causal body, the chakras and nadis to see the correspondences and unity of All. After completing both Meditation sessions, you will have sharper tools to readily and easily meditate for years to come.

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