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The Mystic Faculty, Heritage of Everyone

  • 1 h
  • Online


What is mysticism? How do you pursue a mystic path? You may believe that to explore your mystic Self, you need to become a hermit or abandon all pleasures and material comforts. This is not the Usman Institute’s understanding of mysticism. Mysticism is the heritage of everyone and central to the human experience. It is not just for a select few. Like the ability to think or hold your breath, you have the mystic sense. The question is whether you want to explore it. In this first part of Mysticism, you will understand what mysticism is and how it applies to your existence no matter your spiritual, religious, or cultural background. In this session, you will learn how mystics experience living beyond the familiar senses. After all, you received training to understand your other senses like taste, touch, sight, smell or hearing. It is time to acquire practical tools to experience your already existing mystic sense.

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