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The Usman Institute 

Breathe Right Live Free


The Usman Institute offers virtual and in-person sessions, retreats and events for your organization.



• We work directly with you to design a program customized for your team, environment, and mission.

• Our most popular format is a seminar with practical tutorials that energize and empower your TEAM.


• We offer specialized coaching for executives in high-pressure roles.

• We offer targeted coaching for staff at all levels.

• Our corporate clients value the UI's multifaceted method which integrates all available solutions options without the guesswork.


• We help ensure your organization's mission and morale don't breakdown with challenges.

• Institution-wide Post-Restructuring Healing.

• Advisory services for institutions looking to establish or update equitable policies and practices.

• Dedicated services for educational institutions and partners supporting marginalized groups.

Below are highlights of services our corporate partners have sought. Every organization is unique, and we honor that.

Invest in your TEAM, contact us below.

Stress-Relief Tools

This practical session offers tools to consciously relax body and mind to relieve anxiety and restlessness. Critical to all workplace environments. Our most sought after burnout remedy. 

Breath & Sustenance

This session is the burnout remedy and targets stress both from factors internal and external to the organization. It focuses on breathing and food and offers tools to heal and empower teams with practical and useable breathing techniques and dietary practices. Leadership and staff highly rank this session. 

Critical Thinking Tools

This session provides an in-depth yet accessible method to think about the social world. By focusing on how "meaning" is produced and reproduced, it teaches to see in systemic ways and adopt a structural rather than symptomatic perspective. A favorite among our educational partners. 

Breathing Right

This session focuses on breathing techniques and offers easy tools to control thoughts and emotions in stressful situations or during challenges. A staff favorite at corporate events and retreats. Our corporate partners schedule weekly team breathing with us.

Meditation Tools

This session simplifies meditation in everyday "busy" environments with easy, powerful, and time-tested tools. A favorite amongst organizations and ideal for retreats. Our corporate partners schedule weekly team meditations with us.

Mysticism for All

This session provides a path for those who seek to foster inclusivity and equitable environments, and transform themselves and the social world by going to the roots of the individual, society, ethics, and spirituality. Best for spiritual and religious organizations. 

Revitalizing Body & Mind

This session offers tools to understand how energy functions and how to actually recharge the body-battery to avoid fatigue. Highly recommended for corporate partners. A staff favorite. 

Intellectual Self-Defense

This session provides elementary tools to defend oneself from complex narratives and approach ideas, people, and events thoughtfully. An eye-opener to appreciating systemic inequity. Staff feedback reports this session shows their organization's 

commitment to equity.

Caring Culture

This session provides elementary foundations to promote a culture of care and intentional equity. This session emphasizes the role of meaningful connections over toxic attachments and the significance of care over co-dependance and competition. Valued by both our corporate and nonprofit partners.


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