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Exclusive Specialized Coaching

2hr Coaching Session per month for 9 months

  • 2 hr
  • Online


Exclusive Coaching gives you a chance to access a wide range of tools for use in your daily life, from breathing, meditation and diet to detachment from harmful triggers, and other techniques customized based on your need. The traditional model of support is divided to your detriment. Do you see a shaman or a therapist? A life-coach or a yoga teacher? Should you meditate or exercise? You don’t have to worry about that. The Usman Institute does not compartmentalize solutions, because you are unique and may very well need more than one technique or approach. The length of the monthly sessions allows you to go deeper into your needs and establish goals. The length of the 9-month program allows you to experience the transformation and address any potential obstacles in our established supportive structure with customized tools that may be adapted in real-time due to the regularity of interaction. The Usman Institute’s Coaching is ground-breaking. Highly recommended for those in leadership positions or high-pressure environments which create unique stressors and responsibilities requiring the Usman Institute's multifaceted specialized approach. *Coaching is strictly confidential and private.

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