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Fundamentals of Nutrition (Class)

Essentials of a Healthy Diet––Theory & Practice

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The overwhelming majority of illnesses are caused by food; the overwhelming majority of illnesses can be cured with food. A healthy diet is the most efficient way to live a better, healthier life. While it is not easy to change yourself, changing your diet can seem particularly difficult: our dietary habits weave together the intimate, the cultural, the psychological, the physical, the spiritual... In this course, you will : - learn the essentials of a healthy diet; - discover how to get rid of habits and ingredients that harm you; - understand how to radically––that is, going to the roots of the problem––transform the way you eat; - establish a series of priorities adapted to your own dietary habits One of the surest way to improve your overall health is to first observe what you diet is made of and then guide it to better habits with basic critical knowledge and common sense. With this session only you will have enough to teach yourself for months and years.

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